Mexican Candidate Quadri Complains about Airport Wait
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There's a Mexican presidential election going on now, with voting scheduled for July 1st. There are three major candidates (Enrique Pena Nieto, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Josefina Vasquez Mota) and then there is the candidate Gabriel Quadri de la Torre, who, according to polling is way down in 4th place with low single digits.

Quadri is curently a doctoral candidate in economics at the University of Texas.  Now supposing, in the remote possibility that Quadri is the winner, how would he juggle being president of Mexico with his academic work?

Anyway, Quadri recently flew to Yale University, where his son is graduating with a master's degree.  Quadri passed through JFK Airport in New York City, where he was very offended by having to wait three hours to go through immigration. 

"Offensive ... three hours to go through immigration at Kennedy Airport in NY..." wrote the candidate on his Twitter.  
Quadri se queja de trato migratorio Horacio Jimenez, Red Politica, May 19th, 2012 [Translation]

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