Merkelism Spreads To U.S. FaceBook?
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"Merkelism Spreads To U.S. FaceBook?" That was the headline I wrote this afternoon on a blog I was just  preparing on Facebook's refusal to respond to queries about why Mark Zuckerberg thought the City of Munich's diversity-is-strength warning poster [See above] was "unsafe" for his flock's ears (eyeballs). But right when I was about to post, Facebook abruptly liberated the Brenda Walker blog that contained it, without explanation.  My guess: was a collateral victim of of Facebook's shameless collaboration with the Merkel Regime's drive to suppress free speech in Europe:
Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg was on hand at a special event in Berlin on Tuesday to announce the Online Civil Courage Initiative. The objective, according to Sandberg and members of public safety groups at the event, is to combat "extremism and hate speech on the Internet."

Facebook will work across Europe to combat the spread of hate speech. More specifically, it's pledging over 1 million euros ($1.09 million) to focus on financially supporting organizations that fight online extremism, as well as help researchers, companies, and governments, find ways to understand and disrupt online extremism.

[Facebook Pledges Formal Crackdown on Hate Speech in Europe, by Don Reisinger, PCMag, January 19, 2016]

(Links in original throughout).

The PCMag report concludes:

In the U.S. they have been more reluctant to do so, citing free speech. In 2013, however, Facebook did pledge to review its hate speech policies to ensure content on its site did not promote violence against women.

This deal does not change that; the agreement only applies to those in Europe.

For now.

Facebook is tellingly obscure about how you contact it, but its investor relations page offers various ways to report abusive content, which Sandberg's Berlin announcement certainly is.

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