Memo to Emma Lozano, et al: Stop whining and get a life
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Will anarchists like Emma Lozano, executive director of Centro Sin Fronteras in Chicago, ever grow up? Haven't you all grown just a tad weary of these people and their nonstop assault on the rule of law and American sovereignty? These days Lozano and her ilk are no longer content with beating the "contributions made by illegal aliens" drum and waving the flags of foreign countries. Now they're really pushing the "climate of fear" ranting to keep their faces in the news and their agenda before our many stupid, pandering politicians, e.g., these guys. For example, in Hazelton, Pa., just prior to the city council's passage of a law that drops the hammer on illegals, their employers and landlords, there was this ranting from a local activist with Catholic Charities:

"If you pass this, you will go down in history as the council that made this city the first Nazi city in the country."

Back in Illinois, Lozano (e-mail her) currently is wringing her hands to this same tune because the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) has refused to knuckle under to the latest complaint from Latino leaders, [Minutemen name rescued, By Jason George, Chicago Tribune,July 16, 2006] Got your Kleenex handy? For 40 years IDOT has provided emergency roadside service to stranded motorists; these 24/7 workers are known as the "Illinois Minutemen" because of their rapid response record. They are NOT the same Illinois Minutemen who are trying to help Illinoisans left stranded by the political eunuchs in Washington who lack the you-know-what to do what is necessary to end illegal immigration. In a nutshell: The state will keep the "Minutemen" name given these tireless workers after it was discovered that certain politically correct IDOT employees near the bottom of the chain of command thought it a fine idea not to be confused with the anti-illegal immigration group. Without consulting IDOT's top brass these employees, who probably were mindful of the fact there is a stiff price to pay if you offend the Mexican government, began removing the Illinois Minutemen patch from the workers' coveralls and replacing them with "Emergency Traffic Patrol" patches. (Sounds like something for which kids years ago saved cereal box tops in hopes of being the "first on the block to have one," right?) When Lozano got word of IDOT's decision, she blubbered:

"I wish they would have [made the change] because it would have shown such understanding about what the [illegal alien]immigrant community is going through."

Lozano said the word "minuteman" has developed a negative connotation for many Mexicans and Mexican-Americans, especially new immigrants who know the word only from the immigration debate. (The word also is a burr under President Bush's saddle.) She doesn't doubt that someone, somewhere has mistaken the tow trucks for an illegal-immigrant patrol.

With apologies to the late Ray Charles: "Hit the road, Emma, and don't come back no more."

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