Melinda Gates's Secret Plan
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Once upon a time, rich people like the Rockefellers and Bushes donated a lot of money to population limitation charities. Now, that is vastly out of fashion because it's considered racist.

What if, though, the efforts of Bill and Melinda Gates to force every child to go to college are really a triple bankshot superduper secret effort to implement the traditional philanthropists' goal of lowering birthrates among the poor? But, this time, the rich are trying to do it much more indirectly by inducing underclass NAMs to waste time in college before having children?

Here's a 2008 NPR interview with Melinda Gates:

Melinda Gates Calls for More Emphasis on Education

Q. Can we reasonably expect 100 percent of high school students to become college students?
A. Yes, I think we can. And, in fact, I'm here today in the Chicago school district visiting with students - huge number of Latinos and African-American populations, and guess what? I'm in schools where 95 to 98 percent of these kids are going on to college, and it's because they started freshman year with teachers who believe in them and said, 'These kids can do it.' And maybe they are not coming in with the right reading or math skills, but we are going to bring them up, and we are going to have high expectations of them. And guess what? Those kids are succeeding, and those kids are getting into college.
Q. That would be a dramatic increase of the share of high school students, if 100 percent went on to college. I mean, you would be effecting an enormous social change if you could reach -
A. Correct, and that is the idea.

Does Microsoft Bobette have a plan? A clue? Beats me.

One important fact that is almost never talked about is that African-American fertility rates fell sharply in the 1990s, and that, basically, nobody is unhappy about that. The problem is that virtually nobody talks about why that happened. It's not the kind of thing you are supposed to study for lessons about how to reduce Mexican-American fertility down toward replacement levels. My vague impression from what readers have told me is that spread of the Depo Provera shot was not unimportant in the 1990s decline of black fertility. That sounds a lot simpler than sending everybody to college. But, you aren't supposed to know this kind of stuff; so who knows what really happened?

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