Daily Caller: Five Reasons "Conservatives" Should Support Obama's Hispanic Invasion—Or Five Reasons Real Conservatives Need To Support VDARE.com
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Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller is supposed to be a conservative alternative to the Huffington Post, and apparently Matt Lewis is one of their conservatives. What is Tucker Carlson Conservatism up to these days? Agreeing with Obama on the Hispanic invasion, of course!

Matt Lewis, [Email him] writes

Yesterday, President Obama delivered a speech calling for immigration reform. This is needed, of course – but as always – the devil is in the details.

Sadly, in recent years, it has become impossible to have an adult discussion on the topic. The debate is often muddied by peripheral concerns having little to do with policy. For example, some liberals favor increased immigration – not because they believe it will make America stronger – but because they assume this will benefit them politically. Conversely, some conservatives oppose immigration for the same reason.

Putting aside the immediate impact immigration might have on electoral politics, there are some solid reasons why conservatives ought to favor increased legal immigration. Here are five...

5 reasons conservatives should favor more Hispanic immigration, May 11, 2011

I'll get to the five reasons in another post, (they're all stupid, and conclude with an attack on Dr. John Tanton) but first I'll point out that his reference to the "immediate impact immigration might have on electoral politics"is missing the point entirely.

It's not the immediate impact, it's the permanent impact on electoral politics. If American imports enough minorities, it may never have a conservative government again.

That's the point of the National Review cover story Electing a New People [June 16, 1997], and  Swept Away, [American Outlook, Fall 2001]By Peter Brimelow and Edwin S. Rubenstein. It's also the point of the Mark Krikorian article Lewis  links to above, on the words "oppose immigration for the same reason," and which is called Obama is transforming America through immigration, February 23, 2011. It's not whether The Republicans retake the White House in 2012. It's whether there is an America left for them to govern, or even live in, in 2022 or 2042.

Matt Lewis and the "conservatives" at the Daily Caller don't get this at all. But Tucker Carlson Conservatives like them are seen as the voice of consrvatism on the web. That's why we keep asking you to send us what, compared to the massively well-capitalized Daily Caller budget, is a pittance. Please go here to donate.

Because we do get it, and so do you.

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