Medina Mora (Mexican Ambassador to U.S.) and Sada (Mexican Consul in LA) Optimistic About Mexican Agenda in the U.S.
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Mexican Ambassador Eduardo Medina Mora 

The LA-based (and Argentine-owned) La Opinión (which I quoted in a recent blog entry) reports what two key Mexican diplomats recently said about amnesty. The article is entitled México ve fuertes alianzas en EEUU para continuar con DAPA y DACA , by Gardenia Mendoza Aguilar, La Opinión, February 18, 2015.

The comments were made in Mexico, publicly, by Eduardo Medina Mora who is Mexico's ambassador in the United States, and Carlos Sada, who is Mexico's consul general in Los Angeles. So Medina Mora and Sada hold, respectively, Mexico's #1 and #2 diplomatic posts in the United States. Mexican diplomats in the U.S. constantly meddle and influence U.S. immigration system. Yet almost nobody complains about this. Why?

The diplomats' statements were made at the Foro México en el Mundo (Mexico in the World Forum), hosted by the Mexican Senate.

Both diplomats are confident that "the allies of DAPA and DACA in the United States will be key in overcoming the temporary suspension of these programs." The "temporary suspension" refers to the Hanen ruling.

Quoth Consul Sada: "Local allies are fundamental for this purpose, and the lobbying that can and should continue on the local level is fundamental to affect the great decisions."

Sada delivered a short history "of actions in which politicans of California have been key in helping the largest migrant community of the U.S., from the recognition of the matricula consular as an ID for driver's licenses to the visits to Mexico of Governor Jerry Brown and Mayor Eric Garcetti. "

And guess what Garcetti has recently done? Sada proudly informed his listeners that Garcetti has established "a special fund", with a target amount of 40 million dollars, "to help to pay the undocumented community the fees that DAPA and DACA will charge them."

Sada also appreciates the work of Kevin de Leon, whom he referred to as "the second most important man in the politics of California." Kevin de Leon is a state senator, "a young man, Mexican-American, born in Tijuana and with a very important binational orientation." "Binational orientation"? Sounds more like a "Mexican orientation".

As for Ambassador Medina Mora, he thinks that the U.S. Department of Justice (run by Eric Holder) is going to bring about "a better future for the Mexican community in the United States."

A country that protected its own sovereignty (not the current U.S.A. of course) would never tolerate such blatant meddling by foreign diplomats. Yet they don't even try to hide it. These things weren't said at some secret meeting, but were said publicly.

Of course, they have plenty of allies in the United States.

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