Biggest Spanish-Language Newspaper in the U.S. Goes Ballistic Over Hanen Ruling
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La-Opinion-Logo4[1]The biggest Spanish-language newspaper in the United States is La Opinión, based in Los Angeles, and currently owned by the Argentine newspaper La Nación.

La Opinión has been going ballistic over the Hanen decision. On the 17th of February, the paper published an editorial entitled Indignación para recordar, which could be translated "Indignation to Remember " or even "Outrage to Remember". I present for our readers parts of what it said. It demonstrates the mentality of the Hispanic activists who will be satisfied with nothing less than an open border for all Latin Americans to enter the U.S., and full benefits for all of them. Anything less is a great injustice and an outrage. Over-The-Top Rhetoric is a part of Hispanic culture and it's certainly on display here.

There is celebration in the ranks of the Republicans and a deep disillusion in the immigrant community. A Texas judge [really a federal judge in Texas, but the article doesn't tell its readers that] gave the victory to the 26 Republican majority states, opening the possibility that hundreds of thousands of "dreamers" are exposed to deportation and preventing millions of parents rooted in this country from working without the menace of expulsion.
Well, we can "dream", can't we? Illegal aliens should be deported, but now very few of them are.
This is a triumph for those who believe that the exploitation of the indocumentado and his deportation is the most important.
Actually, those of us who favor deportation don't support exploitation of illegal aliens. It's the cheap labor profiteers who want to hire them.
It cannot be ignored that the defeat in the constitutional debate over presidential power, besides humiliating Barack Obama, will destroy the future of millions of persons.
Barack Obama has too much power, and anybody who is concerned about our constitutional order should be concerned about Obama's power. Of course, La Opinión isn't, because for them it's all about La Raza and for now anyway, Obama is for La Raza.
This is a victory for those who believe that a regularization of indocumentados will drain the coffers of the states, based on fears, stereotypes and ignorance. They think like the former governor of California Pete Wilson 20 years ago and will suffer the same counter-productive effect.....
Illegal immigration is very expensive, and as for Pete Wilson, he won re-election campaigning for Proposition 187 in 1994. The GOP however, didn't listen to Wilson and prefers to run presidential candidates such as McCain and Romney who lose.
This is the moment for Latino voters to look around, to see who is rejoicing over this ruling, who denounces it and who looks to the other side.....The Republican legislators and governors are the cause of making more people deportable...
Any illegal alien in the country should be subject to deportation, of course to La Opinión that would be a bad thing.
The impact of the verdict is temporary, much still must be resolved. The indignación of the ruling, for those who promoted it and those who celebrated it, will be present for a long time.

The soulless and ignorant people who think they are doing a favor by destroying working families must not be forgotten.

How about the people who destroy American working families?

The editorial (click here) includes a photograph of a protesting woman brandishing a sign which reads "FIGHT IGNORANCE NOT IMMIGRANTS". I agree. we should fight the ignorance of what mass immigration is doing to our country, and demand that our leaders defend the interests of working American families and the historic nation, not the cheap labor profiteers, Razistas and globalists.

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