Media Tries To Incite Hatred Against American Lawn Care Company
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Recently, a sample business card from a North Texas lawn mowing company became "controversial" and a news item because reporters wanted it to be.  The story began: "A North Texas lawn mowing companyhas come under fire, after an old, sample business card resurfaced. The controversial message has angered some people" [Controversy erupts over sample lawn mowing company business card, by Yona Gavino, CBS DFW, July 20, 2018]

Which people? Why is it controversial? The card said the business was "American owned" and advertised it as "your alternative to illegal lawn services." To me, it's enraging that illegal immigrants are even in the country, let alone working. Do I get the media to carry my water for me?

The business owner dutifully bent the knee and denounced racism. Reporter Yonga Gavino made several separate tweets trying to turn people against the business. Luckily, judging from the small number of RT's and Likes, no one seemed to care. 

President Trump touched on a profound truth when he called the media the "enemy of the people." Reporters aren't just the enemy in the sense that they are politically opposed to the American nation, they also try to hurt individual Americans by inciting hatred against them. A journalist is far more of a threat to the life, property, and safety of a typical American than Russia, Iran, or whatever other imaginary enemy we are being lectured about this week. 

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