Media: It’s “Far Right” for Europeans to Support National Sovereignty
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It’s interesting the topics the media considers “far right” which are actually quite mainstream. In the video report below from RT (Russian TV), political scientist Sylvia Kritzinger of the University of Vienna remarks, “A lot of people from the working class, blue-collar workers, less educated people are voting for the extreme right or the radical right because of the policies they put forward, like immigration, anti-European integration, corruption against the political system as such.”

The difference happens when elite opinion differs from that of average folks; then the powerful use their media to disparage the beliefs of the little citizens by using insulting words like “xenophobe” to shut down the public debate.

Elites like open borders and economic globalization schemes — which are opposite sides of the same coin — because the rich get richer when the citizen control of government is whittled away. And one thing the voters want is for their immigration laws and national sovereignty to be enforced, yet governments are strangely reluctant to enforce such basics.

Czech President Vaclav Klaus had it right when he remarked in 2003, “You cannot have democratic accountability in anything bigger than a nation state.”

The chart included here comes from the 2007 Pew report World Publics Welcome Global Trade — But Not Immigration. The polling showed the universality of preference for one’s own language and culture, a principle that has likely increased in the intervening years given the many negatives engendered by diverse immigration.

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