Media Islamo-hypocrisy Smackdown
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Greg Gutfeld of Fox News’ late night humor show Red Eye had a few choice comments about the dinosaur media, both its cowardice and its hypocrisy when reporting on the subject of Islam.

The subject: Weasel media’s censorship of a completely harmless cartoon that had NO depiction of Mohammed, as noted in its clever caption, ”Where’s Muhammad?” shown below. (See my blog from last week, Washington Post Opts Out of Free Speech Where Islam Is Concerned.)

Here’s the juicy stuff. . .

Think about it: if the average Joe expresses anxiety over Islamic fundamentalism, they’re called Islamophobes. But if an editor removes a comic in which Mohammed isn’t even present, that’s not honest-to-Allah Islamophobia?

Look, the media can’t have it both ways. They cannot criticize the public for concerns over Islam and then pull this stunt over a fear they may get stabbed in front of a Starbucks. If their governing principle in the newsroom is fear, then they should admit it and get the hell off our backs for feeling pretty much the same way.


The whole bit in video:

And the cartoon in question.

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