Meddlesome Mexican Claims Mexicans Have Universal Healthcare
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The President of Mexico has demanded that the United States adopt free universal healthcare, much as Mexico does.  Except of course although Mexicans are eligible for free universal high quality medical care, they don't have it.  But when they are in the United States, where illegal aliens can get all they want from the welfare state.

The Hill April 2, 2012

Obama ‘Confident’ Supreme Court Will Uphold His Healthcare Reform Law

At the press conference, Calderon also weighed in on the healthcare question, saying the United States should follow Mexico’s lead.

“Of the 120 million Mexicans, 160 million will have universal healthcare coverage,” Calderon said. “So I would say that I would hope that one of the greatest countries of the world, the United States, could follow our example in achieving this because it was a great thing.”

By 160 million of 120 million Mexicans, it is not certain what Calderon was referring to.  But since medical care in Mexico is neither free nor universal, he must be referring to the free and universal medical care that many Mexicans, both legal and illegal, obtain in the United States.  From illegals, to legals, to border crossers, millions of Mexicans depend on the American welfare state for medical care.  Perhaps he that is what he meant.


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