Mechanical Blueberry Harvesting
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korvanRobin Corkery writes from Washington State to note this machine:

The Korvan 7420 is setting the standard for high quality blueberries. The model 7420 uses a unique bucket conveyance system to gently carry your fruit and features a moveable deck for easy loading and unloading. Other great features are its open design, large picking tunnel and four wheel drive. The four wheel drive provides excellent traction, reduces ground compaction and helps to ensure a smooth ride.

We've written repeatedly that mechanical harvesting, in the form of a huge machine operated by one American, is better for the country than stoop labor by immigrants. This is just one more example of the possibilities.

But remember this:

In 1979, President Carter’s Agriculture Secretary Bob Bergland ended government financing of research into farming technology because he didn’t want to replace ”an adequate and willing work force with machines.” That was just about the time we started hearing about how Americans wouldn’t take those jobs anyway. The ”adequate and willing work force” Mr. Bergland was talking about was made up of immigrants.[Economic Man Turning Against Mass Immigration By Sam Francis,, April 1, 2004]

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