McCain Rises From The Ashes, And Heeeeeeere's Gov. Tim Pawlenty!
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A couple years ago I, along with plenty of other folks, got pretty excited when Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty announced that he had had it with illegal aliens in his state and, by God, was going to do something about it.

Critics jumped all over what I, and plenty of other folks, thought was a true rule-of-law champion, calling his planned crackdown on illegals an election year stunt. Not so! I hissed at these charges. And then reality began to creep into my stupid, naive world where everybody is supposed to play by the rules.

Seeking to placate "immigrant rights" activists, Gov. Timmy went out of his way to tell the world that the Land of 10,000 Lakes actually was an "immigrant friendly" place and said he wanted an increase in the number of H-1B visas so foreigners could compete with his constituents' children for high-tech jobs.

Now we hear that Gov. Timmy plans to resume his stumping for Sen. John McCain after the latter's primary win in New Hampshire. And this announcement raises an interesting question:

Just how will Gov. Timmy's recent bombshell about renewing his battle against illegal immigration going to fly with "Amnesty John" McCain if the latter ends up sitting in the Oval Office?

Memo to Gov. Timmy: What's it going to be, your political career—or your country?

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