Memo To Minnesota Taxpayers:"Don`t worry about it, OK?"
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December 11, 2005, 05:02 AM
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So says "Miguel," an illegal alien who stole some citizen`s construction job in Minneapolis, after being asked what he thought about Gov. Pawlenty`s "alarming" report showing that illegal aliens are costing Minnesota taxpayers $188 million a year. (You can read all the gory details here.) "It doesn`t make any sense worrying how much it costs for us to be here," says the arrogant and disrepectful Miguel. "We just come to work hard. We`re just trying to survive." Naturally, at least one state legislator threw her body between poor Miguel and the governor`s office: "It`s playing to racism, basically," said Rep. Karen Clark (e-mail her), (DFL-Minneapolis). " ... I think it is a desperate move. I`m very sad that Governor Pawlenty would go in this direction again." Memo to Ms. Clark: It sounds like the governor is honoring his oath of office and looking out for the public`s best interests. Whose interests are you looking after?