McCain Not Only More Liberal Than You Imagine, He's More Liberal Than You Can Imagine
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Mickey Kaus still a Democrat after all these years, writes:
Psst—We Don't Think He's Pro-Life Either: Michael Kinsley lets out a secret Democrats have been guarding closely of late—when it comes to loyalty to conservative positions, we don't think McCain's as bad as conservatives claim. We think he's worse!McCain: One of Us! - By Mickey Kaus - Slate Magazine
What he's talking about is a Time Magazine column in which Kinsley says , among other things,
Only a couple of years ago, there were noises that McCain might admit he was much too nice to be a Republican and might run for President as an independent—or even as a Democrat. Democrats swooned and said they would vote for McCain because he was "honest." McCain is perceived as authentic, which is a deeper form of honesty than mere truth-telling. He says he's antiabortion? Oh, he doesn't mean that. Among current or recent figures in American public life, only Colin Powell shares McCain's mystical ability to make liberals believe he secretly agrees with them, no matter what he actually says. And Powell has to work at having it both ways. For McCain, it's a gift. Mitt Romney demonstrated that there are limits to how many brazen flip-flops the voters will tolerate. But when people believe you are telling the truth if you agree with them and lying if you disagree, you don't need to flip-flop.

Why Liberals Love McCain,By Michael Kinsley, Feb. 14, 2008

Of course, the reverse is the case with conservatives—we believe he's telling the truth when he does something liberal, like McCain-Feingold, McCain-Kennedy, et cetera, and lying when he says, for example, that he'll defend the border.
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