Majority-Minority LAPD—Still Not Enough For Quota Believers
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The majority of LAPD officers are now Hispanic, but that's not good enough for the affirmative action types:

More Latino officers than whites in LAPD now - LA Daily News
Report, however, cites lack of minority promotions
By Rachel Uranga, Staff Writer Article Last Updated: 02/20/2008 12:13:19 AM PST

As of January, there are now 3,787 Latino officers in the LAPD and 3,770 white officers, according to the quarterly report named after the 16-year-old federal consent decree that forced the department to increase the hiring and promotion of minority officers. There are 1,183 black officers.

The report found the LAPD has met 47 percent of the promotional goals - with the majority of the noncompliance within the ranks of Latino officers.

It also found that the department should have at least nine more black officers and five more Asians in higher-ranking positions.

It also concluded that at least nine more women should hold a higher rank.

"It means that we make goals, but they still aren't fulfilled," said Arturo Placencia,[Send him mail] president of the Latin American Law Enforcement Association commonly referred to as La Ley, or the law in Spanish, which represents 650 uniformed officers.

He added it's the first time Latinos have outnumbered whites in the department, something he called a "historic event." But he also said the Los Angeles Police Department's command staff still does not reflect the city's diversity.[More]

Of course, there's no reason why the department should reflect the city's diversity. A lot of the diversity is due to recent immigration, much of it illegal, which skews the demographics.

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