Another Immigrant Atrocity In Massachusetts: Will The GOP Ever Notice?
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To echo Brenda Walker's recent blog about the death of Matthew Denice at the hands of a drunken Ecuadorean illegal, another headline-grabbing immigrant crime happened yet again in Massachusetts.

A group of Hispanics tried to rob a jewelry story in Woburn, MA, just north of Boston. When the police arrived, the scene quickly turned into an intense firefight. According to one witness:

"The suspect was coming at the cruiser shooting at the police officer. The police officer was behind the driver’s door, crouched down shooting back at the suspect . . . (The) suspect literally ran right on top of the hood of the police cruiser and unloaded approximately I’d say, about five or six shots right into the police officer, who, of course, hit the ground. And then he ran off across the street."

Woburn residents were told to stay inside and lock their doors as state and local police scoured the area. They eventually cornered the killer in someone's backyard and shot him in the chest. At least 17 shots were fired in that shootout. The other robbers remain at large.

The cold-blooded killer appears to be undocumented, except for a large tattoo on his back that reads "El Mundo Es Mio" which translates as "The World Is Mine" (a rather neat encapsulation of the immigrant entitlement complex, if you think about it).

Authorities are asking for the public's help in identifying the suspect based solely on this tattoo. Seriously.

Gov. Deval Patrick recently said that the death of Matthew Denice was not caused by illegal immigration but by "drunk driving." He will probably attribute the attempted murder of a Woburn policeman to "gun violence."

Despite such recent events, Deval Patrick remains adamantly opposed to Secure Communities.

Question: Why aren't the GOP candidates campaigning just an hour north in New Hampshire mentioning any of this?

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