"American" Skier Competes For Paraguay in Olympics
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American Skier Competes For Paraguay in Olympics

Julia Marino, who grew up in Westchester, MA, a wealthy suburb north of Boston, is competing as the sole member of the Paraguay Olympic team.  In fact, she’s apparently the only winter Olympian Paraguay has ever produced.  [Winchester’s Marino is Paraguay’s first-ever Winter Olympian, By Tom Layman, The Boston Herald, February 4, 2014]

Marino was adopted as a baby and enjoyed a privileged American upbringing.  She even attended a waspy New England boarding school where she competed on the ski team. 

But even though Marino only recently visited Paraguay for the first time since her adoption, she is now in Sochi to represent her country.  “The Olympics [is] about representing where you’re from,” she told The Boston Globe.  Indeed. 

If an Hispanic immigrant with this kind of privileged American upbringing cannot assimilate, what hope is there for the rest of them?

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