CIS Gets Round To Refuting Zuckerberg's Lying Amesty Ad
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Zuckerberg: "Americans? Who are Americans?"

I am delighted to report that the Inside-the Beltway Immigration Restraint outfit CIS has at last got around to questioning the new lying Zuckerberg Ad

Obama's Facebook Friend Creates Another Amnesty Ad at 2,600 words long is of course far too prolix to be effective -  as was the previous essay as I pointed out in Rubio/Zuckerberg's Lying Ad: Definitive If Verbose CIS Refutation

Nevertheless it makes effective points:

Any bill that grants illegal aliens legal status and allows them to remain in the country is amnesty. That is attempting to mislead the American people is not surprising, considering its previous deceptive pro-amnesty ad. The fact that cannot bring itself to call an amnesty "amnesty" is clear evidence that they know the idea is unpopular with the American people.
and also makes a significant, but unsupported claim that the House GOP's immigration principles would "strengthen our economy". While it is true that amnesty and increased immigration may make the economy larger, it does not necessarily follow that such policies make the economy stronger or American citizens wealthier.
Serious Patriots will however note that other than the headline CIS did not address the key problem.
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