Matt Taibbi Notes That Stories About “Racist” Comments Don’t Have The Actual Comments These Days
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I was starting to notice that every time I read a regime media account of someone’s “racist” tweet or “racist verbal attacks” at the local middle school or an “anti-Semitic” video made by college students, the actual content was never mentioned.

Five paragraphs from the bottom of this piece by Matt Taibbi he also takes note.

Where it gets weird is that the move to turn the bulk of the corporate press in the “moral clarity” era into a single party organ has come accompanied by purges of the politically unfit. In the seemingly endless parade of in-house investigations of journalists, paper after paper has borrowed from the Soviet style of printing judgments and self-denunciations, without explaining the actual crimes.

The New York Times coverage of the recent staff revolt at Teen Vogue against editor Alexi McCammond noted “Staff Members Condemn Editor’s Decade-Old, Racist Tweets,” but declined to actually publish the offending texts, so readers might judge for themselves. The Daily Beast expose on Times reporter Donald McNeil did much the same thing.

The Sovietization of the American Press, Substack, March 12, 2021, emphases added

Often the Daily Mail will have screenshots of actual texts, which may help to explain why they are now under fire for being the "racist British press" that makes Meghan Markle cry herself to sleep at night. (If you do want to see what the fuss was about at Teen Vogue, see "Outdone"—Affirmative Action Explains How Alexi McCammond Became "Racist" Against Asians.)


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