Massive Black Riots In Chicago Force City Leaders To Raise Bridges To Stop Gun-Toting Black Looters From Ravaging Downtown White-Areas Of City
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Pippin: It’s so quiet.
Gandalf: It’s the deep breath before the plunge.
Pippin: I don’t want to be in a battle. But waiting on the edge of one I can’t escape is even worse. – The Return of the King

Years ago, someone very important to me said just stop. You can’t change a world that doesn’t even know there’s a problem. That doesn’t want to change.

You don’t have to be martyr.

SBPDL should have died in 2011, but a friend of mine was murdered in the streets of Atlanta by a black gunman merely because she was white. Yes, Brittney Watts was murdered by a black gunman because he had learned about white privilege in college and wanted to end it.

Whatever this site became was done in her memory.

And now, we watch violent gangs of blacks – motivated purely by anti-white animus (be they black or white marxists) – loot and plunder one of our once great cities.

Chaos In Chicago: Bridges Raised To Prevent Gun-Toting Looters Getting Downtown, Zero Hedge, August 10, 2020

Hundreds of ‘mostly peaceful protesters’ swept through the Magnificent Mile and other parts of downtown Chicago early Monday, smashing windows, looting stores, confronting police and at one point exchanging gunfire with officers, authorities said.

As The Chicago Tribune reports, officers had stopped several people on Lake Street near Michigan Avenue when shots were fired from a passing car around 4:30 a.m., nearly five hours into the widespread vandalism, according to police spokesman Tom Ahern.

No officers were shot but a squad car was hit, he said. It was not known if anyone in the gunman’s car was shot.

Police made “a lot of arrests” and recovered at least one gun, officials said.

And that escalation, as Summit News’ Paul Joseph Watson details, prompted Chicago authorities took the decision to raise all major bridges in an effort to prevent looters reaching the downtown area after a night of chaos.

Luxury department stores were ransacked as hundreds of looters caused mayhem in response to the police shooting of an armed suspect in Englewood.

Police sent to respond to the looting were physically attacked, prompting authorities to raise major bridges in order to keep more people out of the area.

“All bridges are being raised along the river throughout The Loop,” reports CBS Chicago. “Chicago’s Office of Emergency Management announced street closures throughout areas in the Magnificent Mile, Gold Coast and South Loop.”

Numerous bus and train services have also been suspended, while large areas of downtown Chicago are also closed.

Bridges were previously raised last month in an effort to keep Black Lives Matter protesters away from the business district, but the call to do so this time around appears to have come too late.

It’s obvious the tectonic plates underneath the egalitarian paradigm birthed by the Shelley vs. Kraemer decision are on the verge of shifting in a radical manner. And not in the way Latter-Day Bolsheviks hope it’s going.

It’s not racist to be in favor of freedom of association.

It’s not a white nationalist position to be in favor of freedom of association.

It’s not white supremacist to be in favor of freedom of association.

There is no freedom more valuable or liberty more worthy of defense than that of the ability to discriminate in favor of your own.

It’s what a community, a city, a state, and ultimately a nation represents. It’s why the Naturalization Act of 1790 was ratified a whole year before the Bill of Rights (race is more important than freedom of speech or the 2nd Amendment, according to the Founding Fathers).

At the heart of whatever SBPDL morphed into after the black racial terrorist murder of Brittney Watts (killed to end her white privilege), was the belief freedom of association was all that mattered.

Either way, the end of Black-Run America (BRA) is upon us.

And this should bring a smile to all our faces, because our job all along was not to revive the system, but to survive its collapse.

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