Masks On Planes
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There's a scandal in Canada about airline security—they have been allowing Muslim passengers wearing masks ("niquabs") to board planes without showing their faces. (This is not just a problem for Canadians—those planes fly to New York and Washington.)Daniel Pipes was an eye-witness:
"I visited Toronto in early March 2010 and as I left the country I passed through the usual security check at Pearson International Airport. What made it different is that the next passengers after me in line were a man, a small child, and a person in niqab. (I write "person" rather than "woman" as I hardly know who was under the niqab outfit.)

Curious how the niqabi's hidden identity would be handled, I looked back as the trio was dealing with the security agent. To my astonishment, the agent did not demand to see the niqabi's face but was content to see those of the man and child. I wanted dearly to video this procedure on my mobile phone but dared not, thinking that this could well get me hauled in on some charge that I, ironically, was breaching security."Niqab Security Outrages at Canadian Airports, by Daniel Pipes, August 3, 2010

Once again, the outfits in question are not headscarves, they're masks.

If two or three men dressed as Klansmen entered an airport, there'd be an immediate lockdown, and they'd be met by police with machineguns,  and the same would apply to any masked group of ninjas, although as far as I know, there has never been a hijacking committed by either Klansmen or Ninjas.

But masked Muslims, who have been hijacking planes for years and years, resulting in thousands of deaths, are allowed on board without showing their faces.

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