Maryland Sanctuary County Becomes A Crime Zone
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lllegal alien criminals have apparently gotten the message that Montgomery County Maryland is friendly to their sort, since many have been noticed on the public screen recently. Being a sanctuary for illegal aliens does have a magnetic effect.

Below, seven unlawful foreigners have been arrested for rape in the Maryland county since July 25 as of September 1.

What’s surprising is how openly stubborn the top sanctuary official in the county is — usually the alien defenders scuttle away when anyone asks questions about public safety. But County Executive Marc Elrich has had an interesting assortment of responses, such as wrongly claiming that federal officers need judicial warrants to seize aliens upon their release from county jails for deportation. He told radio host Vincent Coglianese that illegal immigration is not a problem in his county despite the violent crimes, mentioned in the interview linked below.

Andrew Arthur, a one-time immigration judge, wrote recently about the extreme nature of Montgomery County’s sanctuary and the degree to which it takes the side of lawbreaking foreigners in an article titled, Five Rape Arrests Underscore the Hypocrisy of Sanctuary Policies.

During an August 28 interview with Tucker Carlson, Arthur remarked, “Montgomery County probably has one of the strongest anti-ICE policies that I can think of. You won’t allow ICE officials into your jail to talk to criminal aliens. It’s ridiculous.”

It’s odd how this fellow Elrich is all over the place with his reasons for supporting sanctuary — it’s not like he believes strongly in a borderless planet, as some do. One might suspect that he is being rewarded for his foreigner-friendly position — that’s a psychological observation.

Here’s a discussion between Tucker Carlson and Vincent Coglianese, both of whom have been following the Montgomery County situation closely.

TUCKER CARLSON: Emilio Carrasco-Hernandez is an illegal arrival from the country of Honduras. According to police, he sexually assaulted his 15-year-old stepdaughter. Carrasco-Hernandez is the seventh illegal immigrant arrested for a sex crime in Montgomery County, just since July 25th.

Vince Coglianese has followed these stories closer than maybe anyone else in the region. He is a D.C. radio host with WMAL Radio and he joins us tonight. Vince, thanks a lot for coming on.

VINCE COGLIANESE: Thank you, Tucker.

CARLSON: So why are we just learning about this now? Is there some reason that seven of these stories have come to light in such a short time?

COGLIANESE: This is the question and it’s an important one. Carrasco-Hernandez, by the way, already deported from the United States in 2017, he made his way back into the country, thanks to our porous border policies.

So he does this and now he has raped a 15-year-old girl, and we talk about seven as the number you’ve brought up since July 25th. That’s the number of people who have been arrested on rape or sexual abuse charges. The majority of these cases — sexual rape or abuse of a minor — these are children who are being hurt in almost all of these cases.

The reason why we’re all of a sudden finding out about this concentration of stories is not that this is a new phenomenon. It’s that rank and file police officers and prosecutors in Montgomery County are furious at their own leadership for allowing this problem to continue to fester as long as it has.

These stories haven’t been public before because they’ve been trying to deal with them. But now they’re done dealing with them. Montgomery County leadership led by Marc Elrich, who is the county executive, he is the top elected official in the county, have made it so that Montgomery County, Maryland specifically, is a place where illegal immigration is protected at all costs, even at the expense of the community.

And now cops and prosecutors are furious, and they’re taking matters into their own hands. They want these stories out there.

CARLSON: God bless them for doing that. Because by publicizing these crimes, really that’s the only recourse I think that people have. Marc Elrich, the county executive who maybe more than any other person made this possible has sat for an interview with you.


CARLSON: What was his explanation for this?

COGLIANESE: He doesn’t have explanations. He has — he blames a lot. He points fingers at the Federal government for allowing illegal immigrants to be in the area. He says that illegal immigration shouldn’t even be considered a problem.

And when I posed questions to him about all of this, he responded to me, “Well, what do you think we should do? Deport all illegal immigrants?” And my response to him was really simple, if you don’t like the laws of this country, work to change them, but in the meantime, enforce them and that’s not what they’re doing in Montgomery County.

And in fact, in late July, he passed an executive order codifying — well, he was already heading in this direction in that county — saying, if you’re a county official, you are not allowed to inquire about immigration status. You are not allowed to allow federal agents into jails in Montgomery County.

The feds have to stand outside and catch these guys, when they’re coming out of the jail. Actually, it makes it a more unsafe environment to have this, to have somebody ejected into the public and then caught by the feds, rather than a peaceful prisoner transfer.

The feds have probable cause to make these arrests. They’re issuing detainers because they’ve already done the research into establishing this is somebody we believe to be illegally in the country.

Montgomery County is saying, “We’re not going to work with you.” I’ll tell you, we have one story that I was so stunned by. I was talking to one source that said inside of these jails, they’ve gotten calls from Feds who say, “That guy is MS-13, do not release him.” And then they release them.

They don’t have an address on file and he looks at these jailers in the face, he will smile and then walk right out the door.

CARLSON: Meanwhile, children are raped. Even a left wing county like Montgomery County, you have to think there are people — Democrats — who think this is too much.

COGLIANESE: Yes, and they do.

CARLSON: I’m glad. Vince Coglianese, great to see you tonight.

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