Mary Rose Wilcox And Radical Hispanics Evict Patriots
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I saw the damndest thing the evening of December 13. I attended an open town hall meeting in Phoenix. It was called by the Hispanic political leadership in the Phoenix community to discuss and address Mayor Gordon's reversed stance on Operational Order 1.4.3, [PDF]the police regulation that forbids Phoenix police from asking the immigration status of suspected criminals. This order is what makes Phoenix a sanctuary city for illegal aliens.

Mary Rose Wilcox - Supervisor, Dist. 5 - Maricopa County [Email her]started the meeting out as moderator but didn't say the "Pledge of Allegiance". The few of us Americans that were there shouted "we want to say the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the USA".

Wilcox refused to do it. Then about 8-9 patriots (Freedom Riders, Minutemen etc) stood up behind me and started to recite the Pledge. Wilcox ordered the patriots to be evicted.

The angry crowed turned around towards us and chanted "throw them out! throw them out!" I was scared to death, and finally understood what it's like to be face-to-face with communists. I'm not joking either — these people are radical and they hate Americans.

Suddenly goons wearing yellow shirts from the UFCWIU labor union swarmed the patriots who were saying the pledge. The Phoenix Police stood behind the goons with billy clubs ready to swing if someone refused to go. All of the patriots who stood up to say the Pledge were evicted, while Wilcox and the four panel members watched. One by one during the meeting more patriots were evicted. Not a single Latino was evicted, even when they shouted at us that we were KKK, racists, etc. Basically anyone who dissented from their open-border radicalism was evicted.

I stayed for the next 3 hours. It didn't get better! Until the last 15 minutes, not one opposing voice was heard — every single speaker was a radical Hispanic activist, except for the few liberal whites and a whacky Al Sharpton sound-alike. The Al Sharpton guy looked towards us and said all of "those people" that want to stop immigration are Jim Crows. Well gee, I'm not sure how he knew what we wanted considering none of us were allowed to speak.

The bottom line for these people: the consider being an illegal alien to be a "petty low level misdemeanor", and they thought that immigration status should never be asked, no matter what the crime. Every single speaker accused "those people" of spewing race, hatred, and fear, but that's all I ever heard for three hours. These people are full of venom and hate for non-Hispanics.

The only reason that they allowed two people to speak who oppose 1.4 was because Grant Woods (panel member) made a comment that only one point of view is being heard. Woods may have been embarrassed by the fact that he was participating in such a transparent charade.

There are two videos you can watch, linked below, but don't expect them to be very informative. As usual the local media wants to make us look like the nuts. Don't believe it folks, the crazies were the ones who hate the USA, like Mary Rose Wilcox.

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