MARKETWATCH Exults Half U.S. Births To Immigrant Mothers.
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MarketWatch made an unhelpful contribution to blood pressure yesterday with Foreign-born mothers give birth to more babies than U.S.-born mothers, and other surprising facts for Mother’s Day by Alessandra Malito May 13 2017. Amongst a jumble of data appears the above chart and the explication:
The rise in U.S births has largely been driven by immigrant women, and has been since 1970 — up to 4 million births in 2014 (or 23% of all babies), from 3.74 million in 1970, were to foreign-born moms, according to the Pew Research Center. Alternatively, the number of births by U.S.-born mothers has been declining, to 3.1 million births in 2014 from 3.46 million in 1970.
This underlines the fact that all the lurch towards overpopulation in America is driven by immigrants – either directly by their arrival or indirectly by their breeding when here.  The Pew Study cited above comments
In 2014, there were 58.3 births per 1,000 U.S.-born women ages 15 to 44; by contrast, there were 84.2 births per 1,000 foreign-born women in this age group.
This news of course underlines the urgent need to fix the Anchor Baby misinterpretation of the Constitution – which Trump once promised. Otherwise the political conquest of Americans in their own homeland is inevitable.

There are a couple of positives though. The first is that MarketWatch mentioned the topic at all. Peter Brimelow has recounted that when he was working for MarketWatch and the news broke that the US Census was about to make a new estimate of the date at which America would go majority non-white, his editor was bombarded by staff emails, demanding Peter be forbidden to mention the matter. (He was.)

By contrast. since the election, MarketWatch has relaxed censorship a little, for instance posting A new theory for the productivity slowdown — illegal immigrants by Steve Goldstein March 10 2017

All sorts of reasons have been trotted out to explain why U.S. productivity growth has slowed so markedly, from mismeasurement to stalling innovation to weak capital investment.

Oxford Economics has a new research note adding another theory: unauthorized workers.

They say that up to 15% of the 2 percentage point slowdown in productivity growth can be attributed to illegal immigration.

The second reason for a little optimism is that writer Malito or MW’s headline writer appear to have flubbed the numbers. As the opening quote clearly says, the births to foreign-born mothers in 2014 were 23%, not 50%+.

Unfortunately the probable reason for this is the MW writers were confusing ‘foreign-born’ with ‘non-white’ which may be closer to the truth.

That is NOT a cause for optimism.

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