Mark Steyn Loses Climate Lawsuit....To A D.C. Jury
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The climate-change cult is one of the ”crippling ideologies” afflicting the West today. Speaking out against it can land you in a world of hurt.

Latest to find this out is Canadian writer Mark Steyn. In a National Review article he had scoffed at climate scientist Michael Mann, including in his scoff a reference to another scoffer who had very obliquely compared Mann to a sexual abuser. Mark Steyn wrote that while he wouldn’t go along with that other scoffer’s metaphor, the guy had a point.

For that, a jury in Washington, D.C. hit Steyn with punitive damages of a million dollars.

Michael Mann [Email him] is a professor at the University of Pennsylvania. I don’t know how he got the case heard in Washington, D.C., but it was a smart move on his part. D.C. is the beating heart of wokeness; a D.C. jury is going to include twelve climate-change fanatics.

Condolences to Mark, and good luck with the appeal.

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