Mark Steyn, Hosting Limbaugh Show, Explicitly Cites Steve Sailer On Political Correctness
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Mark Steyn was "in for Rush" today on the EIB network.


At about 38 minutes into the third hour, several times, Steyn said  "Political correctness is all about not noticing." [Subscriber link] The first time, he mentioned "the writer Steve Sailer," although not as such. (He did defend on Tucker Carlson last week.)


He went on to expand upon the point, connecting it to totalitarianism (fairly obvious). But en route, he talked about why peak political correctness is—amazingly to many of us—associated with sports, e.g. the cravenness of ESPN. For example, he said that 96% of political contributions by ESPN personnel were to Mrs. Clinton, suggesting that not noticing is especially hard in sports, with all the systematic differences that are so noticeable that only really committed people can avoid seeing them, i.e. only leftists.

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