Marburg Fever: Is It In Search of the American Dream Too?
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Modern transportation and bad immigration and trade policies have combined to create considerable risk for the US public-and the rest of the world. The latest outbreak of Marburg viral hemorrhagic fever (VHF) in Angola appears considerably worse than past outbreaks of Marburg VHF or its cousin, Ebola fever.This version of Marburg VHF is spreading considerably more rapidly than in the past. Many Angolans seem to feel that health care procedures are playing a major role in the spread of the disease., though WHO has recently been able to resume workDoctors Without Borders has urged closing of some Angolan medical facilities:One of the features that is unusual compared to past outbreaks is this one has spread rapidly into African cities, including at least one with an international airport.As we have pointed out in the past, not all Americans profit from Open Borders or WTO managed trade. The principle of True Cost Pricing demands that those that profit from these activities should pay for the risks passed onto the general public.
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