Marathon Men
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A reader writes
Hi! In case you missed it, Meb Keflizighi, ORIGINALLY FROM ERITREA, just became the first American to win the New York City Marathon in 25 years! Hurray for immigration!
It happens that the last "American" to win was Alberto Salazar, born in Cuba. The last regular American to win (to use Archie Bunker's terminology) was Bill Rodgers, who ran in the 70's before the sport was professionalized. He said recently that
"It's a totally different world," says Rodgers, whose only payout in Boston ($12,500) came when he finished fourth in 1986, the first year that prize money was offered. "I was on the edge of amateur and professional. It's a tough era now. The Kenyans, Ethiopians, Moroccans . . . whew!"
Table of winners below

1982 Alberto Salazar United States United States 2:09:29 3rd Victory
1983 Rod Dixon New Zealand New Zealand 2:08:59
1984 Orlando Pizzolato Italy Italy 2:14:53
1985 Orlando Pizzolato Italy Italy 2:11:34 2nd Victory
1986 Gianni Poli Italy Italy 2:11:06
1987 Ibrahim Hussein Kenya Kenya 2:11:01
1988 Steve Jones United Kingdom United Kingdom 2:08:20
1989 Juma Ikangaa Tanzania Tanzania 2:08:01 Course Record
1990 Douglas Wakiihuri Kenya Kenya 2:12:39
1991 Salvador Garcia Mexico Mexico 2:09:28
1992 Willie Mtolo South Africa South Africa 2:09:29
1993 Andr?©s Espinosa Mexico Mexico 2:10:04
1994 Germ??n Silva Mexico Mexico 2:11:21
1995 Germ??n Silva Mexico Mexico 2:11:00 2nd Victory
1996 Giacomo Leone Italy Italy 2:09:54
1997 John Kagwe Kenya Kenya 2:08:12
1998 John Kagwe Kenya Kenya 2:08:45 2nd Victory
1999 Joseph Chebet Kenya Kenya 2:09:14
2000 Abdelkader El Mouaziz Morocco Morocco 2:10:09
2001 Tesfaye Jifar Ethiopia Ethiopia 2:07:43 CR Course Record
2002 Rodgers Rop Kenya Kenya 2:08:07
2003 Martin Lel Kenya Kenya 2:10:30
2004 Hendrick Ramaala South Africa South Africa 2:09:28
2005 Paul Tergat Kenya Kenya 2:09:30
2006 Mar?­lson Gomes dos Santos Brazil Brazil 2:09:58
2007 Martin Lel Kenya Kenya 2:09:04 2nd Victory
2008 Mar?­lson Gomes dos Santos Brazil Brazil 2:08:43 2nd Victory
2009 Meb Keflezighi United States USA 2:09:15
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