Day of the Dead and Border Deaths
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November 2nd is Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), the Mexican form of All Souls' Day. It's also being taken advantage of by Mexican activists who blame U.S. immigration policy for border deaths. The Associated Press reported on Oct. 30th that

Rights activists in the northern Mexican border city of Tijuana have hung 5,100 small white crosses on the fence straddling the U.S. frontier to commemorate migrants who have died trying to cross... The crosses represent the number of migrants estimated to have died in the 15 years since the United States toughened border security.
Mexican Activists Place 5,100 Crosses at Border Fence to Mark Migrant Deaths, Associated Press, Oct. 30th, 2009

These activists have it backwards. If the U.S. were really serious about border control, interior immigration enforcement, and the elimination of benefits for illegal aliens, then thousands of Mexican lives would be saved. Probably  most of those 5,100 people would be alive, in Mexico. But are these activists really concerned about saving lives, or about utilizing death to promote their agenda? So I say, Stop Death in the Desert - Build the Border Wall!

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