Mangan vs. Hoste: I Vote Mangan
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I see Dennis Mangan has crossed swords with Richard Hoste over the latter’s essay last night

Richard Hoste and I dispute the need for high-IQ immigrants. He's pro, I'm con.

Hoste’s remarks on this matter were of course subsidiary to his central thesis that there is a danger of the Treason Lobby elite trying to wrench immigration policy out of the political process (about which perhaps the two would agree). Mangan posted a comment on Hoste’s remark:

Sergey Brin, a native of Moscow, started Google.
If your response is “Who cares? We still have Yahoo!” know that for this search engine we have Taiwanese-American Jerry Wang to thank. The French-born Persian Pierre Omidyar started eBay.


Brin and Omidyar were both 6 years old when they moved to the U.S., and Yang was ten; so their presence here is mainly a matter of chance, as we let their entire families in. Along the way, millions of others have come in who have not started businesses or accomplished anything noteworthy. So unless we’re prepared to allow entry to millions of people on the grounds that a few chance geniuses and go-getters might slip in, the argument doesn’t hold... in the case of foreign scientists, what is not seen is the opportunity cost to bright, enterprising, native-born Americans.

(P.C. emphasis – a crucial point. A decade ago there were flocks of promising search engines.)
Later he adds

I don’t know about the others, but Brin came as a result of the mass exodus of Jews from the USSR, so I doubt that family merit or accomplishment had anything to do with it. of course is a coalition. So I am free to say that on this point in my opinion Mangan is right and Richard Hoste too careless - and ultimately wrong.

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