Mangan on Southern Poverty Law Center
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While the The G-Gnome Rides Out blog wastes a good deal of time in callow triangulation against and others, its proprietor seems basically to have the right ideas. We have hopes of greater maturity. In the meantime contributor Dennis Mangan has an excellent discussion of the iniquitous Southern Poverty Law Center's latest effort to acccelerate the destruction of the American nation, an e mail newsletter called Immigration Watch monitor hate and extremism in the anti-immigration movement

Mangan says

The fact that the SPLC and organizations like it equate opposition to immigration with "hate" is not news. But it's worth noting. Those of us who love our native lands and their historical cultures and peoples, and want to keep them that way, are apparently nothing more than neo-Nazis to the right-thinking folks at SPLC...the main motivation at work here is simple hatred of the West...if the Third World has a right to preserve itself and its historic culture, then the Western world ought to have that right also. But for promoting that idea... we are considered to be full of a diffuse sort of "hate".

Mangan recently re activated his own blog partly out disgust over New Orleans. On Monday he kindly described Steve Sailer's latest article on the subject as

one of the most perspicacious analyses of the New Orleans disaster, as it pertains to race, that I have seen. The whole thing is extremely good...


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