Man Bites Dog ! Fox Speaks At UN But Doesn’t Mention Immigration !
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Mexican President Vicente Fox was in New York City at the United Nations and he gave a speech.(Resalta Fox la solidez de las instituciones, Siglo de Torreon, September 19th, 2006)

Fox talked about a lot of things in his speech. He defended Mexico’s political institutions, condemned terrorism, had good things to say about peace, respect, development, dialogue and cooperation, defended indigenous rights, defended rights of the handicapped, spoke up for reform of the Security Council and peace in the Middle East.

But he didn’t even mention one of his favorite topics.

Regarding the UN speech, a newspaper caption in the Mexican media reads “In a discourse in which he did not take up the migratory subject…”

It’s highly uncommon for Vicente Fox to make a speech on U.S. soil that doesn’t mention immigration. So following the journalistic “Man Bites Dog” principle the Mexican newspaper thought it worthy to point out that fact.

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