Macron Vs. Marine Le Pen: Macron's Ahead, But So Were Hillary And The Anti-Brexit Mob
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The French election will, as frequently happens, come down to a runoff between the two leaders who are Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen.

Zemmour, who was running as even more nationalist than Le Pen, has conceded gracefully and thrown his support to Le Pen.

As Arthur Goldhammer points out in the New Republic, while Le Pen is behind, so were the Brexit forces and Trump in 2016, and in both cases a miracle (which I presume Goldhammer would call a disaster) occurred.

In addition to the Keep France French vote, Le Pen may actually get some votes from naturalized immigrants of Arab stock.

On Twitter, one guy noted that "the New York Times sent a reporter to a poor, mostly immigrant populated neighborhood in Dijon."

They got this quote:

A Moroccan woman named Hafida El-Bakkouri, wearing a head scarf, joined a group of women playing a version of dominoes. She said she buys a bag of flour for 50 cents in order to bake three baguettes for about the price of one at the bakery. “We get by,” she said.

When asked how she felt about Ms. Le Pen, who has vowed to ban the use of head scarves in public and fine women who wear them, Ms. El-Bakkouri said: “The main thing is she wants to send delinquents out of the country. I may vote for her. Why not?”

The first victims of immigrant crime and chaos tend to be established immigrants in immigrant neighborhoods.

One more thing—Le Pen is still being called "far-right" although she explicitly ran to the LEFT of Zemmour, which should make her the  centrist candidate, and her potential election, by a majority of the French electorate, is considered a threat to democracy:

Le Pen's anti-democratic slogan:  If the people vote, the people win!

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