Lyre, Lyre, Pantz & Fier—Cohen And Grigsby Videos Online
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The infamous videos of lawyers at Cohen & Grigsby explaining how employers can game the system and avoid hiring an American, even when the law requires them to—referred to in Paul Craig Roberts' recent column—are now online at a website set up for the purpose:
Lyre, Lyre, Pantz & Fier || Your source for cheaper humans When you need to violate the spirit of the law while remaining within the letter of it, turn to the leaders at LLP&F. With expert advice from the lawyers at AILA member law firms like Cohen & Grigsby of Pittsburgh, we can help you realize the profit you need to compete in a global market.
When people get caught doing something embarrassing on video, they frequently ask YouTube to take down the videos, making claims of "copyright infringement." (Cohen & Grigsby originally posted these videos themselves, in order to help sell their services.) However, when it's a case of someone doing something clearly wrong or illegal, it becomes news, and should be protected by the First Amendment.

Here's the sort of thing they're saying:

”And our goal is clearly not to find a qualified and interested U.S. worker. And you know in a sense that sounds funny, but it’s what we’re trying to do here. We are complying with the law fully, but ah, our objective is to get this person a green card, and get through the labor certification process. So certainly we are not going to try to find a place [at which to advertise the job] where the applicants are the most numerous. We’re going to try to find a place where we can comply with the law, and hoping, and likely, not to find qualified and interested worker applicants.”

Note that the speaker says "You know in a sense that sounds funny." I don't know—I don't think it's funny. And if you want to know why, you can look at this letter from Gene Nelson:A Reader Mourns An American Programmer Who Lost His Job —And Took His Life.

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