Lying Vicente Fox Flacks Open Borders (and Book)
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Former Presidente Vicente Fox has pried himself away from his deluxe rancho and is stalking the lucrative US marketplace, hawking his new book. Naturally he is full of trash talk about the Americans who foiled his open-border scam.

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox said Monday that the United States is letting racism dictate its policies, especially when it comes to immigration.

"The xenophobics, the racists, those who feel they are a superior race ... they are deciding the future of this nation," he said, without naming names, in an interview with The Associated Press. [Ex-Mexico Prez: Racists Stop Immigration, Google AP 10/9/07]

Did Fox forget about his countrymen in La Raza ("The Race" in Spanish), which is noted for its reconquista goals?

Let us not forget the colorful Mexica fascists who say white Americans should be forced to move to Europe. And MEChA student group, whose motto is "Everything for the race. Everything outside the race, nothing."

In addition, a court of law determined last year that Mexican gangs conspired to drive black Americans out of northeast Los Angeles.

The racist here wears a sombrero. Shut your tortilla hole, Vicente.

The former Presidente probably revealed more than he meant to during an interview on Larry King (read the transcript). Not only did he affirm that he and George Bush colluded on the North American Union, including the Amero becoming US currency, he bragged on how wealthy Mexico is:

Mexico's seventh largest trading economy in the world. Mexico trades more products and services than all of Latin America together, including Brazil, Argentina and all of them.

Say, if Mexico is doing so well, then why are millions of its citizens fleeing illegally to the north where they are unwanted and despised?

Watch a YouTube clip of Fox explaining his North American Union agreement with George Bush.

I'm hoping for a nice long book tour!

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