Lydia Brimelow: The Latest Edition Of VDARE QUARTERLY Is Ready!
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I just sent this email to all our loyal VDARE Quarterly subscribers:
Attached, you'll find the digital version of Volume V of the VDARE Quarterly. As you know, VQ is a print journal featuring the best content we publish on our website, It replaces our yearly anthologies, in an effort to get our best content out to our readers in the most effective, time-sensitive and aesthetic way possible.

I want to thank you for your patience with this volume. We suffered a number of setbacks within the last six months, the most significant being the abrupt suspension of our Paypal account that managed all VQ subscriptions. Production was much delayed, and I couldn't have done it at all without your support.

Volumes VI and VII are expected within the next few weeks, making up in this quarter for what we've been behind for the last two. Your hard copies of Vol V will arrive as soon as they return from the printer, some time late next week.

In the meantime, please enjoy this PDF, and again, thank you for your ongoing support.


Lydia Brimelow


If you haven't yet subscribed to the VDARE Quarterly, our April Appeal would be a good time to start.
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