Lydia Brimelow On "The Absolute Truth" with Emerald Robinson
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Sample quote from Lydia:

We tried to have meetings and depending on how you count it, we were canceled by the venue spaces. So that's hotels and conference centers between eight and 12 times. We never successfully had a gathering.

And we heard, —we'd been hearing this refrain for a long time—from people who were callous about victims of cancel culture, which was build your own, make your own. Stop relying on services that don't want you, you can't force them to do business with you.

And of course that's usually from the people that are saying it, it's completely hypocritical because they would be happy to force businesses to work with individuals and other companies that I might find distasteful. It's really a one-way street…it's also disingenuous because obviously a small organization with a specialty such as a nonprofit journalism can't do something like start an Airbnb so that we don't get kicked off Airbnb or create our own bank so that we can have banking. But what we could do was buy our own venue so that we could control our own meeting space. And so we searched high and low for a venue and eventually purchased what is now our headquarters, a Historic Stone Castle on a mountain in West Virginia, where it was built in the late 1880s. It has a beautiful, two beautiful ballrooms where we gather people safely to talk about patriotic issues.

And that's where I am now. I'm at our offices in the castle and all of the events that we've had here since we bought it have been sold out. And it's been a real success story except that in the meantime, about two years ago, the New York Attorney General, Letitia James, the same Attorney General that's tormenting Trump and now threatening to take away his buildings in the state of New York, opened an investigation on our foundation.


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