Luke Ford questions a Jewish privilege
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On Friday we carried ”Jews Are Disproportionately Involved In Every Kind Of Insanity” -Stephen Steinlight. This is a selection from a very long interview this courageous Patriot gave to the remarkable blog Luke Ford . Net, focused on what Steinlight had to say about immigration and the Jewish Community

Possibly this set Luke Ford thinking, because he mentioned on Saturday when contemplating what some might say is a key aspect of Peter Brimelow's ”national question”, asking: Why Are Jews Allowed To Look After Their Own Interests Without Apology But Not Whites?

Many of my friends are Jewish nationalists. They are interested first and foremost in what is good for the Jews. I have no problem with this attitude. I don’t believe it is immoral. It is not popular. It doesn’t sound good in front of the goyim, but what is good for the Jews in my view is good for humanity. I know of a lot of people who are black nationalists. They are first and foremost interested in what is good for blacks. Other people such as La Raza seem to be latino nationalists. They are first and foremost interested in their own people. How can I object to this? I can’t. VDARE and the like seem to be first and foremost interested in what is good for white people. How can I object to that if I don’t object to those who are Jewish nationalists and black nationalists and latino nationalists?

As I noted on Friday, Luke Ford is an Australian immigrant of Seventh Day Adventist heritage who has converted to Orthodox Judaism (apparently in 1992, when he was 26). From the site it is clear that he has sunk enormous effort into studying his new faith.

But — and not wishing to be offensive — one does not have to have read Kevin MacDonald to know that doing to others as one would be done by is a precept found in Gospel according to St Luke, not The Ten Commandments. Might it be an echo of Christianity remains?

Be that as it may, Ford has Jack Kemp’s measure:

May 3, 2009 Jack Kemp - The Biggest Political Disappointment Of My Lifetime

Jack Kemp was my teenage dream of a politician in the early 1980s but then he never blossomed. He never accomplished anything. He just went flat. He was a complete bust as Bob Dole’s running mate in 1996.

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