Luis Gutierrez Stage Stormed By “Mostly Non-Black Activists“ Screaming About Black Immigrant Rights
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There's a point in revolutions where they get out of control, and start "eating their children."

An incident at the "National Immigration Integration Conference" on Tuesday  demonstrated this when the speech of Representative Luis Gutierrez was interrupted by protests.

Gutierrez, of course is one of the most militant Open Borders activists in the country. Indeed, the only reason he is not a traitor to this country is because he does not really think of himself as an American. (He was born in Chicago, but went to high school in Puerto Rico when his parents moved back there.) In a way, we can think of Gutierrez as the most "right wing" member of Congress, a fanatical nationalist dedicated to his nation and people. Unfortunately for Americans, his nation and people are not ours.

Yet even Gutierrez is too moderate for certain protesters.

Protesters shouting "liberation not integration" stormed the stage at the National Immigrant Integration Conference on Tuesday, disrupting Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) as he was about to deliver a speech to the gathering, eyewitnesses tell Breitbart News.

As Breitbart News reported previously, the conference is a gathering of refugee and immigrant advocates meeting to plan opposition to the refugee and immigration policies of President-elect Donald Trump.

A spokesperson for the National Partnership for New Americans (NPNA), one of the two hosts of the conference, confirmed that Gutierrez’s remarks were disrupted.

“Congressman Gutierrez gave his remarks as scheduled after a brief demonstration,” the NPNA spokesperson told Breitbart in an emailed statement.

“As you can imagine, some attendees here are scared, worried, angry and stressed. We understand that things like this happen in a democracy, especially in uncertain times like these,” the spokesperson added.

[Protesters Storm Stage, Disrupt Rep. Luis Gutierrez Speech at Refugee and Immigrant Conferenceby Michael Patrick Leahy, Breitbart, December 13, 2016]

The protesters accused the conference of working with multinationals to exploit workers. And so they do. Exploiting cheap labor is the whole point of illegal immigration. These multinationals aren't importing illegals because of "equality," they're doing it so they don't have to pay Americans. And of course, they are still excusing this conduct, even when people are deliberately attacking the very rationale for the conference.

Breitbart reports that Citigroup was one of the funders of the conference. Citigroup has been known for sponsoring H-1b programs and laying off its American workers. Citigroup was also involved in the Minority Mortgage Meltdown.

It's a real question as to why major financial institutions like Citigroup so often fund far left groups. The ethnic and ideological grievances of the corporate officers are one factor. A general interest in breaking down national identities and so turning the world into a collection of deracinated consumers is another, though that does seem a bit abstract. One rationale which is often brought up is simply fear. Companies believe if they pay off leftist activists, they can avoid protests and boycotts.

But it doesn't work that way. These kinds of donations, both to protest groups and to so-called institutions of higher learning, end up fueling radicalism which threatens the very existence of these companies. Once you've successfully told people they are oppressed and the victims of racism, why should they go along with the interests of capitalist bankers? The end result of these short sighted, cowardly strategies by the banks and the Chamber of Commerce crowd is the growth of outright socialism.

Lenin supposedly said the capitalists would sell the rope with which they would be hanged. Today, the banks are funding the very demographic which will displace them. I'd be tempted to say let them perish if the consequences of their decision wouldn't destroy us too.

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