Louisville Cop Shootings Logical Consequence Of BLM Blood Libel
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There’s been barely any news surrounding the shooting of two cops (one white and one black) in Louisville by a Black Lives Matter–supporting black male. It happened on the night after the Breonna Taylor indictments failed to provide the necessary scalps to satiate the terrorist movement holding our nation hostage over the entire summer and into the fall of 2020:

The man accused in the shootings of two Louisville Metro police officers last night has been identified.

Larynzo D. Johnson, 26, of Louisville, is charged with two counts of assault on a police officer and 14 counts of wanton endangerment of a police officer.

The officers were shot around 8:40 p.m. Wednesday while conducting crowd control at Brook St. and Broadway after a large crowd had set fires, damaged property and failed to disperse after being warned. The crowd was protesting the grand jury decision of the officers in the March shooting death of Breonna Taylor.

His arrest report says Johnson used a handgun to fire at police multiple times before fleeing. A witness pointed Johnson out to police who took him into custody at the Thornton’s at 100 W. Broadway. Metro police say they have obtained video showing Johnson firing at police.

Johnson is being held at Louisville Metro Corrections and is scheduled to be arraigned Friday morning. [Suspect charged in shooting of LMPD officers, by Charles Gazaway, WAVE3.com, September 24, 2020]

Never forget: the Black Lives Matter movement is a Blood Libel against White America. Black in America have been taught by the corporate media, academia, black clergy, black sports stars and Democrat politicians that they are being targeted by racist police, who exist to promote white supremacy, white privilege, and implicit bias.

It’s only logical this would lead to Black Lives Matter supporters shooting cops, as a means to rectify centuries of perceived injustice.

This is the type of story President Trump must Tweet out to remind his base exactly what the Black Lives Matter movement is all about, because the corporate media will continue to offer nothing more than public relations for this terrorist movement.


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