Lou Dobbs on the May Day Rallies
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Lou Dobbs writes at CNN about the May Day immigration rallies

What about all of our fellow Americans who are being marginalized by the massive importation of illegal, low-cost and mostly uneducated labor into this country? Perhaps those citizens should take to the streets. And what about the more than 250 million Americans who make up our middle class and those who aspire to it whose wages have stagnated and who are paying for the social, medical and economic costs of illegal immigration? That's a big march.

If yesterday's demonstrators and their supporters in Congress and corporate America are serious about their deep desire for American citizenship, why don't we hear any of them clearly say they're willing to give up dual citizenship? Or that they're willing to learn English and surrender demands of bilingual education? Or declare they embrace English as our official national language? Or demand that illegal employers of illegal aliens pay for the social, educational and medical costs now borne by the taxpayers?

I think the point Dobbs makes here about Dual Citizenship is especially key. Personally, I think these pro-immigration rallies are losing steam in part because the ability of poor people to improve their situation by migrating to America is declining.

Many Latin Americans are starting to realize that if they are to really achieve their dreams, it will be in their own countries—not at the junior partners of the corrupt American elites.

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