Lou Dobbs...Hello, I Love You
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So I was watching CSPAN2 today and there was a panel of speakers discussing immigration reform...it appeared to be some kind of Congressional thing but who knows.

Included on the panel were Congressman Reyes (D-TX) email, Congressman Kolbe (R-AZ) email, Jorge Ramos of Univision, Hector Flores of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) email, the Mexican Ambassador to the United States Carlos de Icaza and CNN's Lou Dobbs.

Hmm...let's see: That's 5 in favor of condoning illegal immigration and 1 opposed.

In any event, I got so frustrated with the discussion that I called Peter Brimelow to beg him to debate Jorge Ramos at some point. Truth be told, it would be virtually impossible to follow the debate for the unusually strong accents on both sides but it would be funny!

(When Jorge Ramos says "undocumented immigrant" it sounds like un dah coo men ted...it's cute but confusing.)

The transcripts are not yet available but Dobbs posed this question (paraphrased) to Ramos, Flores and the Ambassador:

There are roughly 5 billion people in the World more impoverished than the average Mexican national. Should our immigration policy favor Mexicans over everybody else as it does now? Do you think that's fair?

None of them would answer the question...they started blithering on about sharing a border and the fact that many of our cities have "Hispanic" names: Los Angeles, Las Vegas etc...

Lou Dobbs—quite politely—interrupted the response and asked them to answer his question.

They still avoided the question and Dobbs interrupted by saying (again, I am paraphrasing in lieu of available transcripts):

Look around us—why don't we have any Asians here today? Africans? Anybody else for that matter? Why are only the interests of Mexico represented today?

I never heard an answer...

Lou Dobbs did a magnificent job today and I hope people tell him that! [email him]

If you do happen to drop him a line, could you please mention that Bryanna Bevens at VDARE.com would very much like to be President of his Fan Club...or if not, maybe a lackey to fetch his coffee.

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