London's "Norwegian" (Read "Somali") Stabber: More MSM Lying Revealed.
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H/T Pic The New Observer

The stabbing attacks last Wednesday evening in London have provoked a classic bout of MSM dishonesty.

James Fulford caught the most extreme: IRISH TIMES Headline On Somali Knife Atrocity: “London Knife Attacker Is A Norwegian National – Police” August 4 2016. Many outlets tried to use the citizenship the Norwegians foolishly gave this individual as an excuse to deflect the blame from his inherited Somali culture.

Every account to which James linked asserted vociferously that the attack stemmed from mental health issues. The invaluable site The New Observer has now proved this to be another lie:

The Somali London stabber, identified as Zak Bulhan…posted a supporting comment underneath a video of a demonstration by Islamists in London opposing the detention of Birmingham-born Pakistani Moazzam Begg.

Begg is a self-confessed Al-Qaeda operative who was detained at Guantanamo Bay for three years after being arrested in Pakistan….After his release in 2005, Begg returned to Britain, where in March 2014, he was arrested and charged under Section 6 and Section 17 of the Terrorism Act...

It was while he was in detention for these charges that a demonstration was held outside the Home Office in London—and a video was made advertising the event.

In response to this video, the London Somali stabber posted the following comment:


November 29, 2014, at 9:40 pm

“And when those who disbelieved devised plans against you that they might confine you or slay you or drive you away; and they devised plans and Allah too had arranged a plan; and Allah is the best of planners.” Verse (8:30)

London Stabber is Islamist Terrorist August 5, 2016

The New Observer has posted a screen shot of this and the video itself.

MSM apologists could argue that Bulhan was not directly ordered into action by commanders sheltering in the Islamic lands but that is no consolation to the family of the poor woman killed. The alarming thing about Muslim terror in the West is how often it appears to be spontaneous combustion.

That is the major reason why no Muslim immigration should be allowed.

(There are others.)

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