Logo Contest: Open Borders Boys Get What They're Asking For, Good And Hard
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Over at the Open Borders logo contest, the organizers have had to close the borders because all the cleverest logos were being submitted by satirists. It's almost as if human beings are happier when their communities are allowed to regulate who is allowed in ...
Here's a recent entry that was, apparently, sincere enough to avoid being deported.
Bryan Caplan 
I think it would be really cool if someone could incorporate the familiar hue and texture of a green traffic light into the design. It's the international symbol of "You're free to go," after all.
Alexandria Fraga 
Gave the traffic light suggestion a shot. 


Or, then again, this may be yet another reductio ad absurdum — Let's use Open Borders to spread Mexico City-style driving to the whole world! — that the Open Borders boys are too naive to notice.
Another subversive Open Borders logo that hasn't yet been rounded up by La Migra and kicked out of the contest page due to the sponsors' terminal unworldliness is:
Trust me, you do not want to look up the photographic original for this adaptation of a disgusting meme.
Previous (intentionally or unintentionally) ironic Open Borders logos are archived here.
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