Little Green Footballs Attacks The Other McCain
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September 14, 2009, 11:07 PM
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Here`s how I described the website Little Green Footballs in a column a while back:
"Little Green Footballs is a website focusing on the high crimes and misdemeanors committed by Muslims around the world. It`s owned by Charles Johnson, who was instrumental in exposing Dan Rather. It posts stories of Muslim atrocities, and allows comments, which means it has a large number of people writing random things on the site."
They were attacking Paul Belien and his Flemings for excessive whiteness—which they can`t help, they were born that way. Now Charles Johnson, the Democrat who owns Little Green Footballs, is attacking Robert Stacy McCain for being a white Southerner, which again, is something that McCain can`t help. He was born that way. McCain defends himself ably here.

By the way, Johnson might protest that he wasn`t attacking people because of their color; but because they were secretly fascist or secretly neo-Confederate, but all America`s Great and Good Liberal media testify that if you oppose President Obama, it must be because of his color. I`m holding Johnson to the same standard.