Little Green Footballs Attacks The Other McCain
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Here's how I described the website Little Green Footballs in a column a while back:

"Little Green Footballs is a website focusing on the high crimes and misdemeanors committed by Muslims around the world. It's owned by Charles Johnson, who was instrumental in exposing Dan Rather. It posts stories of Muslim atrocities, and allows comments, which means it has a large number of people writing random things on the site."

They were attacking Paul Belien and his Flemings for excessive whiteness—which they can't help, they were born that way. Now Charles Johnson, the Democrat who owns Little Green Footballs, is attacking Robert Stacy McCain for being a white Southerner, which again, is something that McCain can't help. He was born that way. McCain defends himself ably here.

By the way, Johnson might protest that he wasn't attacking people because of their color; but because they were secretly fascist or secretly neo-Confederate, but all America's Great and Good Liberal media testify that if you oppose President Obama, it must be because of his color. I'm holding Johnson to the same standard.

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