Lies and Quibbles from Christmas War Deniers
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If Peter Brimelow dodges the snow driving home this afternoon, he plans to start writing the War Against Christmas essay. So this is a good time to consider the intellectually dishonest shell game tactics to which the War Against Christmas Deniers have resorted. A good example appeared today in the Chambersburg Pennsylvania Patriot News: ACLU wish isn't to start a 'War on Christmas’ by Joshua Etterman Dec 19 2009 The point of this gloating piece is that the eviction of a Nativity scene from its traditional location in the center of town square of Chambersburg was not directly due to action by the ACLU but because of threats by a bunch of aggressive wierdos called PA Nonbelievers (Thank them here). But behind them was the threat of litigation by the ACLU, as Etterman smugly notes

The borough's decision to prohibit all religious displays following a request from the atheist PA Non-Believers group was done without any influence or involvement from the ACLU Of course, to say that the ACLU played no role in the decision would be unfair. Had the Borough Council refused the nonbelievers' request, the ACLU might have become involved, but only as a last resort

(e.g. if their allies did not win). Nevertheless, Etterman has no scruples in asserting:

As Christmas approaches… once again the right wing begins its babbling about the much-fabled "War on Christmas." And, as usual, the ACLU is in the crosshairs.

Thanks to the delights of Google map it is possible to see that Etterman may not even be telling the truth in saying the scene’s relocation to Central Presbyterian Church means it is still on the Square. The church appears to be down a side street. And as it happens, a brief search shows the ACLU has been directly involved in at least two other Nativity scene repressions this year, one elsewhere in Pennsylvania. See ACLU Axes Christmas Mark Hiller WBRE December 18 2009

The grounds of Pennsylvania's Luzerne County Courthouse are no longer home to a nativity scene or menorah. The county decided to remove the displays under the threat of legal action.

and ACLU takes issue with Christmas on the cumberland display By Jake Lowary The Leaf-Chronicle November 21 2009

The American Civil Liberties Union on Nov. 11. sent at letter to the City Attorney Lance Baker telling him of the issues the group has with its Christmas on the Cumberland display, particularly a nativity scene sponsored by Grace Church of the Nazarene. In the letter written by ACLU Staff Attorney Tricia Herzfeld, the ACLU claims…"the City's annual 'Christmas on the Cumberland' celebration is constitutionally suspect and such practice should be remedied."

Furthermore, of course, the Christmas Competition archive provides comprehensive proof that the ACLU has been up to its neck in Christmas repression for years. See here (and please support is keeping this resource updated!) Etterman says he has been a member of the ACLU for a decade: he must know this. Ultimately, whether the ACLU itself directly destroyed the Chambersburg display, or whether an ally did it, the fact remains the same: for (probably) generations the people of Chambersburg had a cr?¨che in the center of their town square. Now they don’t. Is this what they wanted? Christmas War Deniers can deny the facts and quibble about details all season: but the War is real — and must be fought. Facebook account holders should tell Josh Etterman to be honest.

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