Liberal Judges Releasing Illegal Alien Criminals: A Pattern Is Noted
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Liberals say that they are the friends of women’s rights and safety. But when those issues face off against the dubious rights of illegal aliens, women often end up being the losers. In a vexing case from Boston a couple weeks back, a Democrat judge released illegal alien Uber driver Luis Baez who was accused of rape on a very low bond of $2500 so he wouldn’t be deported.

Apparently the likelihood of his escape, not to mention re-offending didn’t count for much in the mind of the judge. Protecting Americans from dangerous people is supposed to be the #1 job of government, but liberal judges have a different idea.

Massachusetts author and radio host Howie Carr discussed this case and others with Tucker Carlson on Thursday. Carr noted the “pattern” of liberal judges not following the law in order to protect illegal aliens, and he had plenty of examples to prove his point.

Do liberal citizens not care about secure streets and public safety?

TUCKER CARLSON: An immigrant accused of rape is on the run after a judge in Boston ignored federal requests to keep him detained. A Fox station in Boston reported on the story, here’s part of it:

BROADCAST: A dangerous drive home for a local woman after investigators say she was assaulted by her Uber driver who used a fake name to register with the rideshare company. Thirty-four-year-old Luis Báez pled not guilty to three counts of rape. Prosecutors say the young woman was picked up using the app in Boston last September and driven to a location she didn’t request. Baez allegedly raped her and then dropped her off at Boston College where she reported the incident to campus police.

CARLSON: But it didn’t end there. Newton district court judge Mary Beth Heffernan refused a request from prosecutors to set high bail for Baez: she released him after acquiring just 2500 bucks. Now ICE agents are hunting for him; they say he disappeared.

Howie Carr writes for the Boston Herald, hosts a daily radio show — one of the most famous men in New England. He’s also the author of the book Kennedy Babylon. He joins us tonight. Howie, thanks a lot for coming on. This story almost sounds like something that you’d make up — it sounds like a parody. How did this happen? is it what it seems?

HOWIE CARR: Yeah, I think this is a pattern that’s repeating itself all over the country, Tucker. In this case, the guy is an illegal alien once deported to Dominica, purportedly a gangbanger in the city of Boston, and he’s operating under an alias, as you just heard. And so they bring him in and the prosecutor, an assistant district attorney from a very liberal county, works for a very liberal Democrat district attorney comes in there and says we want a hundred thousand dollars bail on this guy because he’s a flight risk, and ICE has asked us for a hold and make sure that he’s held because they’re going to put a detainer on him to make sure that he can’t escape. but we want a GPS via the judge — a political appointee of former governor Deval Patrick another very liberal democratic politician — doesn’t even listen to the entire argument by the the employee of a liberal a district attorney and so he just says $2500 bond and then says can he make the bond here at the courthouse so he doesn’t have to go back to jail. She didn’t want to inconvenience him in the least, so he makes the bond and that was nine days ago and nobody has seen him since.

CARLSON: What it really comes down to, when the left is put in this case a liberal judge to balance the rights of women — which they say they stand for — with the so-called rights of illegal aliens, the latter wins: 2500 bucks for bail on a rape charge — have you heard of that before?

CARR: No, it’s happening around the country, Tucker. There was a case in New York City last week, a Dominican woman was charged with, pleaded guilty to stealing $35,000 worth of Victoria’s Secret products, and the judge tried to block photographers from taking her picture out in the hall of the courthouse. He said you’re just going to get her deported; he tried to stop them.

You had a case in Portland, Oregon, in January where a Mexican illegal alien was in court for a hearing for a drunk driving case, the ICE agents were out in the hall waiting for him to come out so they could grab and put a detainer on him and throw him out of the country. Somebody let him out of the back door of the of the courtroom.

We had another case in the Springfield, Western Mass, here last year, a Dominican bodega owner was pleading guilty to stealing $35,000 worth of food stamps — welfare fraud — and he came into the court and the judge said in an open courtroom, you know if you were an American we would be sentencing you to some serious jail time, but we don’t want to get you deported, so we’re not going to give you any jail time, and the guy got probation stealing $35,000.

The woman in Manhattan she didn’t do any jail time, she didn’t do restitution, she didn’t do any community service. I mean it’s like there’s a double standard here. In many cases illegal aliens or non-citizens are treated better than Americans.

CARLSON: My jaw is open because we’ve already moved past the point where the left is arguing that we shouldn’t enforce immigration law to a point where they’re showing favoritism to people who are breaking a law because of breaking the law. Where does this go from here?

CARR: I don’t know where it goes, I just chronicle it all the time, Tucker. We had a case, another one in Massachusetts here, an illegal alien from Ecuador was drunk and he ran over an American motorcyclist in the town of Milford in central Massachusetts. They hired a court psychologist — we the taxpayers hired him — and he wrote a report, and he said this guy should not be held accountable — an illegal alien on welfare, drunk driving — should not be held accountable for his drunk driving because he’s of quote mongoloid descent. That’s what they said; he’s an Indian in other words, and so he lacked the enzyme to metabolize the alcohol, so he wasn’t responsible for killing the American citizen while he was in the country illegally, driving drunk. Again, this is going on every day in the country.

CARLSON: This is why I always find a hard to listen your radio show because I’m mesmerized by it; I’m afraid I’m going to hit a bridge abutment while I’m listening to it. Howie Carr, thanks for coming on tonight. That really blew my mind.

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