Liberal English Whites Upset Ukrainian Refugees Don't Want To Live In Majority-Non-White Birmingham Neighborhoods
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England Channel 4 delivered a five-minute report last week that shows just how much damage mass immigration has done to a once-great nation that ruled the world. A white Englishwoman complained that a Ukrainian mother placed in her home was frightened to live in her majority black-Asian-Muslim neighborhood in Birmingham. The refugee didn’t know England isn’t England anymore, or that “Englishmen” now include a vast number of non-white non-Christians [How Ukrainian refugees are handling cultural integration in ethnically diverse areas of the UK, by Darshna Soni, January 26, 2023].

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“We’ve always hosted lots and lots of people,” a white lady called Andrea told Indian reporter Darshna Soni. “We hadn’t necessarily taken into consideration the cultural differences.”

Andrea “lives in a diverse part of Birmingham,” Soni explained, and “after a week of staying there her guest told her there were too many Muslims in the area.” The “guests” were a Ukrainian mother and son.

So, typically for a leftist white woman, Andrea pronounced herself “quite shocked” that the Ukrainian mother thought there were “too many Muslims… too many people with different skin colors.”

Even worse, “her guest’s son was enrolled into the local school where the majority of children happened to be black and Asian,” Soni explained.


Then to just have her complain about the demographic of the school and going well he can’t be safe though. There’s not enough white kids.

Andrea explained that most of her neighbors are “wonderful” Indians, and Kashmiri or Pakistani Muslims, and so the mother and Andrea “agreed to end the placement.”

Thus did Soni and Andrea apophatically call the Ukrainian woman a racist.

“Britain is of course far more ethnically and religiously diverse than Ukraine,” Soni continued. “Could more be done to help the refugees who have settled here to integrate? It’s a question that’s been debated with each new wave of immigration over the decades.”

That introduced some droll footage of a black woman’s explaining to refugees in a “workshop” that anyone, really, can be English:

For people who aren’t from the UK they don’t realize there’s lots of people that look like me here and that can be quite like wow you know I thought England was full of English people. And it is, because I’m English, but I just look very different.

No, she isn’t English. If she and her people were English, they wouldn’t leave the sh*thole countries in which they were born, because those countries would have decent food and potable water, along with Shakespeare plays, and 1,000-year-old treasures such as Windsor Castle and Westminster Abbey. 

The sad upshot of the report is that a Ukrainian woman tried to explain to a white English woman that her country wasn’t her country anymore, and the white English woman is so brainwashed she doesn’t care.

Or maybe, like so many leftist women, she’s just nuts.

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