Let's Let Friends In High Places Know We Appreciate Them!
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The big raid May 13th on Postville, IA's kosher abattoir had its origins several years ago at San Franciso International Airport in an interview of an arriving Chinese family by U.S. immigration inspectors that happened — this is important! — on a Jewish holiday. Craig Nelsen, who has been on this story since May, 2004, provides an account (Biggest immig raid ever much worse than you think) indicating that the immigration-fraud snakepit thus revealed is evidently just the tip of an iceberg, to mix metaphors.

The raid was discussed Tuesday, May 20, at an already-scheduled hearing of the House Education and Labor Committee's subcommittee on workforce protections in Washington, DC. The Des Moines Register's article (Advocates ask why owners aren't facing any charges, by Jane Norman, May 21, 2008) on the hearing leads with the usual, reflexive bleating:

The immigration raid at a Postville plant is the most recent example of how the federal government has traumatized children and ripped apart families as it steps up enforcement, Democrats and immigrant advocates said Tuesday.
Although it was Chinese illegal aliens who accidentally started the ball rolling on the Postville raid, the 300-plus illegal aliens swept up in Iowa a week ago Tuesday were—surprise!—mostly Hispanic. Thus — surprise, again! — one of the leading bleaters was Janet Murguia, the hyper-obnoxious Executive Director of the National Council of La Raza [The Race]. (See Murguia's 11-minute tangle with Lou Dobbs here, following about 45 seconds of inescapable preliminaries.)

Fortunately, Congressman Howard ["Buck"] McKeon, Republican of California and ranking minority member of the subcommittee, wasn't having any of it:

"If we go back to where this first starts, a person that enters the country illegally or overstays their visa status, they are really the ones that are putting these children in jeopardy, by their own actions, and they should take those children into account," he told Murguia.

He said his constituents are bothered that immigration laws are so routinely broken.

"If a person runs a red light and the police are there, I've never known of an instance where they don't stop them and give them a ticket," McKeon said.

Blunt talk to La Raza's scourge-of-hate bully! And oh so rare in these prostration-before-the-ethnic-grievance-groups times.

So, no matter what state you live in, why not phone Congressman McKeon's Washington office (202-225-1956) to thank him and let him know that we constituents from all over are delighted he's speaking for us!

P. J. O'Rourke once read a week of a congressman's mail "more than seven hundred letters. There were exactly two thank-you notes in the pile." We can do better than that.

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